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Latest Comments

Jul 7 2:27 pm
My brother received a call today from that same 000-000-0- asking questions about the phone he is using- I told the caller he had to call back since I couldnt answer his questions because it wasnt my phone. He said thank you and hung up.My brother has one of the free gov. phones and that is the phone they called on.He had a call from his worker coming in regarding what info to bring w/ im and didnt want to miss the call while he was getting ready to go to their meetingIm wondering if this is something to do with that?

Aug 15 7:58 pm
Advertises free gift card

Aug 4 11:45 pm
asking if you are looking for a car loan!

Aug 8 1:21 pm
I just went and bought a whistle also, Im sick of these annoying calls maybe now they will stop

Jul 10 8:45 am
It is from a company called Financial Resolution Finders....they don't ever leave a message. I am on the nationwide do not call list and they have called my house now 4 times in the last 48 hours.

Jul 12 2:03 pm
Ive gotten 4 calls from them in the past 5 minutes. Very persistent.

Aug 1 10:55 pm
I concur with Morgan, although in my case it is the older wall of text that Adriana normally sent out until recently. The wall of text that goes on about how she is moving near you and you will be the only person she trusts where she is moving.Obviously do not respond to the email, nor click on any links or contact any phone numbers.

Aug 10 11:07 pm
Yes, I got a text to swap my phone with a Iphone. I don't how this person got my number.

Jul 14 2:37 am
Got a call from this number. Called it back and got a busy signal. Next time i went on my Yahoo email account with my phone, it had been hacked and someone was still logged in from a location in Texas! Im in Calif. PIECE OF [***] HACKERS!

Jul 7 11:52 am
They sound like incompetent scammers! What is their point? My ringer is off and I wasnt home when this call came in. I check the caller ID log to see if I have any legitimate calls. Most are telemarketer scams. 5 calls today from numbers out of state, one in state and 2 not showing, including this one. Like someone here said once, they can find Bin Laden and Suddam Hussain but they cant find the telemarketers. So much for the do not call lists. They dont work and I think they just aggravated the issue causing more calls OR maybe they are the ones giving out our numbers!

Aug 25 11:29 am
hey called me bad names and said that I shouldnnt care who it was

Aug 10 12:54 pm
5/17/2013: This number has called so many times in the past 5 years that i have it permanently blocked. I was thinking of unblocking it not that long ago to make space for some of the other frequent offenders, but I ended up picking another number, instead. Glad I did.This number called us tonight at 6:22 while i was trying to get dinner on the table. That was about an hour after a SIMILAR number/MO called us: 413-000-7842. Suspect it was from the same source. THAT one started playing a recording just as the answering machine picked up and was playing its outgoing message. Something about our credit card account. Once the machine beeped that it was recording, it hung up. Sneaky SOBs!NO number with all zeros is valid. It is SPOOFED which is ILLEGAL and means someone is being untruthful, at best.This has been going on for SIX YEARS. This is a number that the PHONE COMPANIES should BLOCK automatically. This is BS that this has been allowed to happen THIS long with NO action.SHAME ON YOU, VERIZON, ATT, SPRINT, T-MOBILE and every other one out there.

Jul 30 12:13 am
Look at all the shill posts!Cybercriminals dont just send fraudulent email messages and set up fake websites. They might also call you on the telephone and claim to be from Microsoft. They might offer to help solve your computer problems or sell you a software license. Once they have access to your computer, they can do the following:Trick you into installing malicious software that could capture sensitive data, such as online banking user names and passwords. They might also then charge you to remove this software.Take control of your computer remotely and adjust settings to leave your computer vulnerable.Request credit card information so they can bill you for phony services.Direct you to fraudulent websites and ask you to enter credit card and other personal or financial information there.Neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) to charge you for computer security or software fixes.Telephone tech support scams: What you need to knowCybercriminals often use publicly available phone directories so they might know your name and other personal information when they call you. They might even guess what operating system youre using.Once theyve gained your trust, they might ask for your user name and password or ask you to go to a website to install software that will let them access your computer to fix it. Once you do this, your computer and your personal information is vulnerable.Do not trust unsolicited calls. Do not provide any personal information.Here are some of the organizations that cybercriminals claim to be from:Windows HelpdeskWindows Service CenterMicrosoft Tech SupportMicrosoft SupportWindows Technical Department Support GroupMicrosoft Research and Development Team (Microsoft R & D Team)Report phone scamsLearn about how to report phone fraud in the United States. Outside of the US, contact your local authorities.How to protect yourself from telephone tech support scamsIf someone claiming to be from Microsoft tech support calls you:Do not purchase any software or services.Ask if there is a fee or subscription associated with the service. If there is, hang up.Never give control of your computer to a third party unless you can confirm that it is a legitimate representative of a computer support team with whom you are already a customer.Take the callers information down and immediately report it to your local authorities.Never provide your credit card or financial information to someone claiming to be from Microsoft tech support.What to do if you already gave information to a tech support personIf you think that you might have downloaded malware from a phone tech support scam website or allowed a cybercriminal to access your computer, take these steps:Change your computers password, change the password on your main email account, and change the password for any financial accounts, especially your bank and credit card.Scan your computer with the Microsoft Safety Scanner to find out if you have malware installed on your computer.Install Microsoft Security Essentials. (Microsoft Security Essentials is a free program. If someone calls you to install this product and then charge you for it, this is also a scam.)Note: In Windows 8, Windows Defender replaces Microsoft Security Essentials. Windows Defender runs in the background and notifies you when you need to take specific action. However, you can use it anytime to scan for malware if your computer isnt working properly or you clicked a suspicious link online or in an email message.Learn more about Windows DefenderWill Microsoft ever call me?There are some cases where Microsoft will work with your Internet service provider and call you to fix a malware-infected computersuch as during the recent cleanup effort begun in our botnet takedown actions. These calls will be made by someone with whom you can verify you already are a customer. You will never receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes.More informationFor more information about how to recognize a phishing scam, see Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently.If you need help with a virus or other security problem, visit the Microsoft Virus and Security Solution Center.To help protect against viruses and other malicious software, download Microsoft Security Essentials.Windows 8 includes antivirus protection thats turned on by default.

Aug 28 3:01 pm
Got a call this evening from this number. Although I couldnt understand what the man was saying I led him on a bit before he hung up on me. I called back and actually talked to another man who said I had been awarded a $9,000 grant to be used on anything. He was calling from the federal grant office. He said there was a small fee fully refundable after I got the grant money. The fee was $150.00. I told him he was a scammer and a liar and he said he didnt have to take that from me and hung up.

Jul 11 10:59 pm
Their calling for the wrong person!

Jul 8 6:37 am
recd 2 phone calls re: failure to answer summons for bank fraud. each a month apart.

Jul 4 1:14 am
He called to purchase pussy and got address to my hotel but never showed. Guess he's a broke trick

Jul 25 9:48 pm
theres a call blocking device that can be purchase..holds up to 80 numbers.. I know verizon offers a call blocking plan where you can store up to 25 numbers. the donotcall registry is a bunch of bs.

Aug 27 9:16 am

Jul 24 2:29 pm
They ripped my company and wife off for $1000s total liars locked us into leases on top of leases con men ripoff boiler room scam in Montreal run by Michael Karaguizian Steven Geffin Daniel Talafre