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Latest Comments

Aug 6 10:28 am
A guy at this number was soliciting for a bogus police youth athletic league.

Aug 24 10:43 pm
no sweetheart cause I got T Mobile and they do the same thing to me

Aug 13 5:04 pm
Madison & associates bunch of idiots threatening me and my family called for about 5 months stopped and now again writing to Atty General Office again and put them on true callers list of scam calls

Jul 22 1:32 am
I got the same call just a while ago. My husband also received a call on the same matter directed to me, but on his phone. This was a few months ago. I dont know whats going on.

Aug 1 1:27 am
Just received call from above number. Did not recognize area code did not answer.

Jul 4 10:23 pm
Got a call from this number and answered, like a dummy. It was from the TX State Troopers Assoc asking for money. Over the years, this group has called several times using different numbers. This is a SCAM!!! The state has shut them down several times, and they keep popping up again.

Jul 21 6:13 pm
This number called me and when I return the call I was told that I was calling sprint 411 service. When I asked them what number is was calling they said 310-555-1212 or 714-555-1212 depending on my service area. I advised them that someone was using 310-555-4417 and having it call back to their number. They are initiating a trace for these calls now. I am in a long line of people that are having this problem and then being charged for 411 calls $1.40 a call. Total problem here someone is hacking. Do not call back will be charged by your phone carrier.

Jul 15 11:02 pm
Calls my business line. Nobody on the other end.

Jul 11 10:38 pm
Total scam. You cant be arrested for ordinary civil debt. Being in debt is not a crime. Remember: Cold Call + Indian accent = scam. They are getting better at hiding their Indian accent, but no matter where they are from, remember that1. Being in debt is not a crime.2. You cant be arrested for it.Unfortunately your callers are located in India and or Pakistan and thus outside the reach of US law. Ignore the calls and block them if you can.

Aug 9 12:26 pm
Just called me about 5 minutes ago. its 9:05pm central. it rang like twice and then hung up. and they called my texting app and ive only given out that number to like two people.

Aug 2 6:54 pm
Did not answer...didnt leave a voice number did not know who it was...Blocking their number

Aug 21 3:49 am
Got a call from this number, I heard someone say "Hello"; then they hung up. I called back a few times and received nothing but a busy signal.

Jul 28 3:59 am
Here is a thought, If you see a number on your caller ID that you don't know, Don't answer it. It's as simple as that. If they leave a message delete it. Not too hard to figure out now is it? I agree, they are a pain in the a$$, but in the same token, it's like watching a T.V. show, you can choose not to watch, the same as you can choose not to answer. If they call hit talk and then hit end. Simple and they don't really bother you. They just inconvenienced you a little bit. They can't get any information from you by ringing your phone. Only you can supply that info. so the easiest way to stop them is DON'T TALK TO THEM!

Aug 7 3:48 am
Call number back and received recording this was a telemarketing call but could opt-out

Jul 18 11:51 am
Said I'd entered and won $50 Walmart gift card and $200 in gas cards. I've never entered anything like this.

Jul 11 1:22 am
laser skin care. wont stop calling

Aug 28 2:41 am
Multiple calls. They let it ring 7-8 times, then hang up and call right back. Isnt this covered under Federal Law in the harassing, incessant calling rules? Oh yeah, forget it.all those laws on paper dont mean squat. Our Congressman should use their time better if they cant pass laws with teeth.

Aug 4 7:48 pm
Harrassment ... I dont kno who they are let alone why they are calln

Aug 29 10:33 am
just put the number on the block list on your phone..this is a scammer number

Aug 30 9:53 pm
10is not political but away the fedschave ur phonectapped I know cause that the number that called mecan itcwas fed an they got. Sued watch what u say its notcacjoke